★★★★★  great product - very pleased

“I ordered this Clarion M505 as a replacement for the original Clarion unit that came with my boat back in 2007. It was really easy to install and works awesome! The Bluetooth feature is so simple to use with my iPhone. I would recommend!”

—A.L., Florida


★★★★★  Nice Compact unit!

“Great little unit [GR10BT] that dropped into my old Clarion hard wire remote hole in console. Works great. Very visible. Not complicated. Very happy and great price. Easy install. Simple operation. Very clean look.”

—B.T., Florida

★★★★★  Solid unit!

 “This GR10BT delivers good sound and good looks. Very solid and well built."

—G.F., South Carolina


★★★★★  sweet upgrade!

“Great upgrade from Clarion XMD2M505 has a great feature set. Love the Bluetooth! The connections for the speakers, power, etc were all the same, no rewire required.”

—J.M.,  South Carolina


★★★★★  great stereo!

“Replaced my factory stereo with this [M303] unit, Great sound. Easy install. Even with the old speakers, the sound quality increased immensely …”

—R.A.,  North Carolina

★★★★★  great receiver for the price!

“Great receiver [M505] for the price. Owner’s manual is very helpful. Features are perfect for today’s world; Sirius, Bluetooth, and MP3 ready?”

—T.R.,  Maryland


★★★★★  great head unit!

“This [M303] is a great head unit that allows you to be the ultimate DJ on the water. With all the options to have music such as Bluetooth, CD, Rear USB (to hook up iPod or other MP3 device) and SiriusXM (SXV200), you can’t go wrong. If you run out of tunes on the water it’s your own fault! I also attached a MW1 remote on the back of the swim platform, so I don't have to leave the water to make song selections. I also like the Parrot Bluetooth which provides hands-free calling making it simple to make calls.”

—C.J.,  Arkansas


★★★★★  Nice!

“Great quality. This [MW1] is a nice addition to my system…”

—T.R.,  Maryland

★★★★★  Great boat stereo!

“Great sound and easy to use. It [M303] replaced a JBL that was difficult to use. I like this stereo so much better.”

—M.B.,  Missouri


★★★★★  nice receiver for the money!

“Everything you would expect from a Clarion receiver [M109]. Great sound and price! Love the CD player. Lots of features.”

—J.M.,  Pennsylvania


★★★★★  LOVE IT

“Whether sitting up front of your boat or out in the water drinking a cold one, it [MF1] works GREAT & IT FLOATS!!! Love it!”

—P.A.,  Tennessee

★★★★★  excellent item

“This item [MWRXCRET] came as advertised plugged right in and works great.”

—C.F.,  Ohio


★★★★★  Easy to Read display, Remote Control You Can't Live Without!

“This [MW1] is the best thing for the captain’s chair in my boat. Before, I always had to ask the passenger to make adjustments to the stereo while steering. Now, all I have to do is reach to the right of the steering wheel. It even tells me the artist name, song title, or station I am listening too. That's a plus. I have enough control from the captain's chair to control the audio system remotely. How did I ever live without this?”

—T.H.,  Florida



“This [Clarion M303] head unit replaced an older Clarion which came factory installed with the boat. The speaker/power multi pin connector was identical to the older unit so installation was a breeze...Clarion MF1 radio remote [purchased separately] works perfectly without any programming. Replacing the old Clarion with this unit was as easy as plug and play. Custom 3 band equalizer gives a nice rich sound…"

—P.P.,  North Carolina


"I installed this head unit [Clarion M505] in my 04 Electraglide and just got done with a 1,000 mile run in 21 hours and it was going strong the whole time! I ran through about 300 miles of rain with it and not a glitch…Great back lighting, great sound and having the Pandora option saved me from constantly searching for radio stations for each state that I tackled through. I’m very happy with the purchase!"

— F.C.,  Ohio


★★★★★ absolutely the bomb!

“…This thing [CMD8] is sweet. The bass is unreal. The Sirius and Pandora options are great…It sounds better than the $2,000 system in my truck…” 

—F.B.,  Florida


★★★★★  GREAT REMOTE...

“Ordered the M505 for all the expandability options and installed in the cabin of my cruiser and connected the MW1 remote for easy control from the cockpit. The remote is great. Easy to use and screen is designed well so there’s no problem seeing it even on a sunny day on the water...” 

— B.M.,  Michigan

★★★★★ LOVE IT! 

“…IT WORKS! I can be outside the boat on the dock and still change songs and adjust my volume, etc [using my Clarion MF1 Remote]. For a long time I hated that my stereo remote was the old round unit by the helm station. That meant whenever I was anywhere else relaxing and a song came on that I wanted to skip, or the volume needed adjustment, I had to get up. No more! Highly recommended and I have no issues with the range. Best upgrade to my sound system to date!”

—V.A.,  Virginia


★★★★★ Great replacement!

"Used the CMG2512W to replace an older model Clarion subwoofer in a Tiara that's exposed to the elements. Old one lasted 8 years before getting dried out and buzzy, which is respectable to me. This sub was a drop-in replacement. 5 minutes to swap and no more buzz, just pure bass..."

- J.O., Ohio



"I replaced a 10 year old Clarion CMD4 with the Clarion M109 in a 2066 JC Pontoon boat. The wiring harness was an exact match which I loved! And the radio fits in the same size dash opening!"

- T.M., Texas

★★★★★ easy hook-up!

 “This [MF1] is an excellent product. Easy to plug in. Worked first time with no problems. Easy to use."

- A.A., Virginia


★★★★★ Great Sound!

"Clarion CMG1622R speakers were installed in the cockpit of a 30' sailboat, replacing older non-Clarion speakers...The sound quality is very good for the price and they appear to be very durable. I would recommend these speakers for marine use."

S.L., Minnesota


★★★★★ PLUG & PLAY

"Awesome Clarion sound! Love that the unit [M505] recognizes my iPhone immediately, the Pandora support and Bluetooth function!"

R.C., Atlanta


"Great receiver [CMS2] for boat. Easy to install and use."

- N.B., Texas


★★★★★  a great accessory and plug-and-play too!

“[CCAUSBAV] Plugs directly into the back of the Clarion head unit allowing me to use a USB plug with my laptop for a great chart plotting application on my boat! The installation is neat and everyone believes it was factory installed.”

—M.C.,  Pennsylvania