"Spending so much of my time on boats, I have grown to notice and appreciate great music and quality audio. Having been an audiophile for a long time, I have been hooked on the quality and performance of Clarion marine audio systems. Out there during my wakesurfing sessions, or when I'm spending time on the water with friends, I know the experience is made even better with great music cranking out of Clarion marine radios and speakers. Clarion has been in the marine space for a very long time, and their commitment to developing the best marine audio systems, components and accessories makes them a stand out brand in the market. Given that I only endorse and support brands that I actually use and are connected to my lifestyle, I look forward to working with Clarion to expose a new generation of watersports enthusiasts to the Clarion brand and the long list of innovative marine-focused gear they make. Plus, they also have a creative approach to marketing that I find exciting."
- Austin Keen
Clarion Marine Ambassador
World Champion Skimboarder
Professional Wakesurfer

As a brand ambassador for Clarion's marine division, Austin is a key contributor in expanding the brand's awareness and reach among a new-generation of watercraft and watersports enthusiasts. 

Austin Keen has made a name for himself through his bona fide personality, lifestyle, and unsurpassed wave-riding skills. In 2007, Austin drove his vintage 1975 BMW 2002 from Tybee Island, GA to Laguna Beach, CA to follow his dream. Two years later, Austin competed in his first professional skimboarding contest and went on to tour Australia, Bali, Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico and Philippines. In 2013, he was crowned World Champion of Skimboarding after competing in the international eight-stop United Skim Tour Circuit. In 2014, he was listed in SurferToday.com's Most Influential in Wave Sports, next to greats like Kelly Slater. Then, in 2015, Keen branched out into a new sport – wakesurfing. In addition to multiple action sports and lifestyle magazines, Austin has become an internet sensation, starring in dozens of viral videos. In 2016, Austin won the 40th Annual Victoria World Championships of Skimboarding in Laguna Beach. He now strives to push the sport to new limits, helping promote and grow skimboarding around the world.